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When to Hire a Colour Consultant

Having your home or building painted can cause you to spend a thousand dollars. As such, you should choose the colour that best suits your personality, preference and will make your space look good. So, to avoid choosing the wrong colour and wasting some money, it is best to hire a reliable colour consultant. Although this means incurring additional expenses, hiring the best in the industry will surely help you get the most out of your money.

What Does a Colour Consultant Do?

A colour consultant provides expert advice on the correct use of colour in styling and decorating projects. Some of these consultants also specialise in providing interior colour advice and suggesting colour schemes for outdoor building projects. They offer the best colour suggestions that can help create a certain mood or aesthetic. Finally, almost every colour consultant is hired by clients to help them make the most out of buildings’ space and lighting issues.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Colour Consultant?

Hiring the service of a colour consultant should be done once the construction or renovation of a building is finished. Doing this allows you to obtain the best advice on which colours to use when painting the property’s walls and the other surfaces upfront. 

Although the newly constructed building’s surfaces can be painted according to your preferences, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional colour expert in Sydney because of the following.

They Provide Expert Advice

Getting a colour consultant is strongly advised because they can provide the best recommendations that help you choose the appropriate shades. Typically, they often use colour theory (the mixture of colours and the visual effects these mixtures create) and colour psychology (how various hues affect human behaviours) to fulfil the design goals of their clients. They can best recommend which colours to use and those that should be avoided.

They Know the Latest Decorating Trends

Colour consultants are always up to date with the latest colour and decorating trends. Even if you plan to sell your house and boost its resale value, these experts could help you achieve such a goal. Hiring their service and considering their makeover suggestions, such as adhering to the current year’s top colour trends, can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Aside from advising you to consider using trendy colours, they can also create the best accents that will go well with your chosen colour palette.

They Know How to Pull Everything Together

Colour experts or local painters and decorators are also helpful when you already have an excellent colour scheme for your home, yet you have a hard time pulling everything together and making it work. Their advice is usually needed in a situation wherein you don’t see anything wrong with the colours you have chosen, but they still don’t look right when put together. When faced with this situation, a colour consultant usually looks into your existing colour scheme and provides expert suggestions on how things should be mixed up to achieve the perfect balance. 

However, suppose you still don’t have a colour palette to put together. In that case, the consultant can use your existing furnishings to come up with a wonderful theme based on what is already available in your space. This technique is regarded as an inexpensive way to improve your home’s look. It only involves rearranging, updating and letting go of some of your existing decors that no longer work. 

They Act as an Objective Third Party

Choosing the most appropriate colour scheme for your home is difficult, especially if you are faced with many excellent options. This makes hiring a colour expert a necessity. Such an expert will serve as an objective third party to guide you with the selection. A colour consultant can also look for creative ways to combine your preferred colours and create a more appropriate colour palette for you.

Is a Colour Consultant Worth It?

Contrary to common belief, getting a colour consultant to help you develop the best colour scheme for your home is worth every penny. Hiring one could provide you with the following benefits.

Helps You Save Time

Searching for the best decorating and colour ideas for your home is very time-consuming. However, working with a consultant can help you save time. They usually conduct the needed research to provide you with the best colour combinations. These experts can also make a shortlist of the best choices after the first meeting and let you choose your most preferred option. Thus, the total time allotted to complete this task is significantly reduced. 

Helps You Save Money

Although hiring a consultant sounds expensive, doing this helps you save money from trying out and getting the wrong colours for your home or building for weeks. It prevents you from committing costly mistakes, such as buying furniture or painting the walls with the wrong colour.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

Having your house or building painted is not an ordinary task. However, the success of having your home painted with the best colour scheme does not only depend on the advice that your colour consultant provides. You also need the service of a reliable master painter to have these colour ideas painted onto your home or building walls. 

To search for the best master painter in your area, you can consider asking around. Your friend and relatives who recently painted their houses may have referrals. You can also do a local search to know the service providers operating in your area and consider the one with the highest rating and positive client feedback.

If you need help in finding the most suitable master painter, colour consultant and technical consultant for your property and projects, we can help you. Master Painters Australia independently represents and assists painters and decorators conducting business in the painting and decorating industry across NSW and ACT. Call us on (02) 9758 8877 for more details.