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What You Should Know About Painting Apprenticeship in Australia

When it comes to becoming a professional painter, an essential step is completing an apprenticeship. Not only does this allow you to learn all the skills needed for the job, but you will also be paid for your time.

If you want to become a painter, then learning how to find a painting apprenticeship is crucial. In this article, we will define a painting apprenticeship, go over what they entail, what paint apprentices do and what happens after you complete one.

What Is a Painting Apprenticeship?

A painting apprenticeship is a paid training program that teaches you the skills you need to become a professional painter. During the internship, you will learn how to prepare surfaces for painting, mix and match paint colours, and apply paint using various techniques.

You will also learn about safety procedures, job site etiquette and other important aspects of the job. Upon completing a painting apprenticeship, you can work independently as a professional painter.

Most apprenticeships last for two to four years, and you will be paid an hourly wage whilst training. To find a spot as a  painting apprentice, you can contact your local union or check with Master Painters Australia. You can also search online for programs in your area.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Professional Painter

There are plenty of reasons to consider becoming a professional painter. For starters, it’s a great way to earn a living. And if you’re passionate about art and painting, then it can be an enriching career.

But beyond that, being a professional painter and decorator also has several other benefits. For instance, you get to work with your hands, be creative and see the world differently. You also get to meet new people, travel to new places, and learn new skills.

What to Expect During Apprenticeship

A paint apprenticeship focuses on a hands-on training program that will teach you all the skills needed to become a professional painter. Before admission to the apprenticeship program, you must complete a pre-apprenticeship program or have a Certificate III in Painting & Decorating or Certificate II in Construction Pathways.   

Paint apprentices typically work alongside experienced painters to learn the trade. This means they will help with set-up, cleanup, prep work and other tasks as needed. They will also observe and learn from the painters they are working with.

As a painting apprentice, you can expect to learn the basics of painting and other essential skills. You’ll be taught how to use various painting tools, prep surfaces for painting safely and apply the paint evenly. You’ll also learn about different types of paint and which one is best suited for each job.

Furthermore, you will understand how to estimate the cost of a painting project and properly care for your painting tools and equipment. Paint apprentices also learn about safety procedures and other regulations. And as you gain experience, you will be given more responsibility and may even be able to lead projects.

Ultimately, you will be equipped with knowledge about different types of paint, painting techniques and safety procedures. By the end of your apprenticeship, you should be able to take on any painting project confidently.

What Happens After You Complete a Painting Apprenticeship?

After you complete a painting apprenticeship, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career as a professional painter. You can find employment with a painting company or become self-employed.

Many painters choose to specialise in a specific type of painting, such as residential or commercial painting. There are also many opportunities for painters to become involved in the art world, teaching painting classes or working in a gallery. Whatever path you choose, a career in painting can be both fulfilling and lucrative.

Master Painters Australia: Helping Painters and Decorators Across NSW and ACT

If you’re looking for a career in painting, Master Painters Australia can help. We offer apprenticeship training so you can learn the trade from experienced professionals.

Our apprenticeship program offers young people an opportunity to enter the painting trade. We provide training in all aspects of the trade, from basic safety and equipment use to advanced techniques. The program also offers opportunities to learn about the business side of the painting trade, including marketing and sales.

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