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What to Do Before Asking a House Painting Contractor for an Estimate

When you are planning for a house painting project, the first question that pops into your mind is ‘How much could I spend?’ And obviously, it is impossible to arrive at an estimate unless you ask painting contractors, as they often shell out free quotes for their potential customers.

However, with the numbers of house painting contractors readily available for their service, quotes could vary. So, the secret in finding the best solution is to tailor questions to ask potential contractors so you can have a consensus on the price, service inclusion, hidden fees if there is any, and other questions that relate to their competency as skilled painters.

Sometimes, costing equates to quality. If it is cheap, poor quality paints are used. If it is expensive, the service is exemplary.

So, let’s dig further to arrive at that painting job estimate we are looking for.

How Do You Ask for a Painting Quote?

When asking for a quote, you want to know what is included in the services. It is not all about the pricing, but it all boils down to what you can expect from the entire project.

A detailed quote includes the brand of paints to use, cost of materials, measurement or size of area to paint, estimation of completion, guarantee and many other small details. Remember, a quote is not an invoice. It is given out before a project commences, whilst an invoice is the computation of the final costs when the project is completed.

What Questions Do You Ask Before Hiring a Painter?

When painting contractors hand you a quote, it is not all there is. It is only a starting point where you can ask more questions relevant to your house painting project.

Asking the right questions will help you compare or evaluate a painting contractor because the answers to those questions will offer clarity on your expectations.

1. What Does the Estimate Include?

Never accept ballpark estimates or a number scribbled on the back of a business card. You must get exact line by line details where every cent will be spent. For example, do a breakdown by room or every aspect of the exterior. This will provide well-defined expectations for the painter and the reason for each dollar spent.

Bear in mind that an estimate could veer slightly from the final numbers. The prices of supplies could change, and more labour may be necessary to complete a project.

2. What Kind of Prep is Involved?

Painters need to prep your place. Be sure to ask this question so you can also prepare the house in case there is furniture and heavy items need to be moved or wall implements need to be put away temporarily. In that case, workers won’t damage your belongings.

If it is an exterior job, ask the crew if they are going to remove or touch wall or roofing implements and require an assurance they will restore them the way they were originally installed. Any damage accrued will be their responsibility.

3. Do You Have Your Credentials?

Asking for credentials is crucial to protect yourself against scammers. With the many fly-by-night painting contractors near you, it is not easy to trust. Some would even pose as genuine contractors, bringing with them their equipment and a few paperworks.

Asking for credentials is vital to the integrity of the service rendered to you. Because when problems arise, scammers will no longer be reachable.

Business licence, registration, insurance, employee certifications, proof of past works, membership in reputable institutions and known industries, and reviews from previous clients are essential information a legit painting company holds. 

4. What Brand of Paint Is Going to Be Used?

To many homeowners, the colours of the paint are top of mind. But the quality of the paint itself is often overlooked.

An estimate at the lower price range will result in the use of lower grade paints. Low-grade paint does not hold as long and is more susceptible to fluctuating conditions as well as damages more easily.

Consult your contractor or colour consultant about the kind of paint they will use. If you feel that a different brand will be more suitable, ask if the painter is comfortable using the brand you prefer. Most will accommodate your request.

5. Is Cleanup and Disposal Included in the Service?

There is work to be done even after the paint job has dried. You don’t want to make your newly painted house look messy with the things left behind like paint buckets and drop cloths. Also, remaining paints should be stored or disposed of properly as they have toxic chemicals hazardous to the environment.

Expert and professional painters know that it is part of their working standards to clean up and leave the place tidy.

6. Who Is Involved in Your Crew?

You don’t want strangers lurking around your property when there is ongoing work. Unscrupulous people sometimes do this when they think that the property owner is unmindful about who belongs to the painting crew. That’s why asking early about the composition of the team will give you a heads up of who to expect when the painting days arrive.

7. Do You Offer Warranty?

Workmanship warranty is essential in any painting contract. Getting the details of that warrant will ensure you that the painting company will back up their work once a problem arises after the job is done. Reputable painting companies always  have warranty workmanship for their customers.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

The importance of those questions is to lead you to a sound decision. Based on what you have gathered, you can use that as a leverage, making your options open to see who lands the painting project for your home.

Choosing the right painting contractor means a successful home painting project. Master Painters Australia can be your hub of skilled and professional painters in NSW and ACT.Contact us for more information.