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Top 4 Painting Problems With Commercial Painting Projects

Commercial painting, as part of your business, should be given proper attention to keep hold of customers and clients. As you know, your commercial structure’s appeal affects the integrity of your business. So when you notice faults in the quality of your building’s paint, what can you do? You have a paint problem you need to fix.

Consult reputable commercial painters when you see any problems listed below in your industrial paint.

1. Blistering

Blistering is when you notice bubbles forming under the wall paint. It is caused by moisture underneath the paint. This often happens when the painting service is done on a damp surface, with high humidity and recoating too quickly. Heat, such as direct sunlight, can also cause blistering.

If you decide to repaint it, addressing the source of moisture is important. Fix any leaks or avoid repainting when humidity is high. Also, make sure the surface of the wall is not damp, and install fans or vents in areas that have high humidity.

Moreover, applying a primer undercoat can improve the outcome, and allowing for the paint to dry before applying another coat will make a big difference.

2. Cracking

What started as vein lines will eventually deepen and result in cracks and flakes. Cracking happens when the preparation is done poorly or the paint is too thin. Paint that is too thin can also lead to cracks particularly called mud cracks. Insufficient drying time between coats is also a culprit to cracks. 

Repainting is the best way to solve the problem. Scrape the flaking paint and sand the wall to create a clean surface. Afterwards, apply a good primer and repaint the affected wall with quality paint.


When you see rough shrivelled paint on the surface, it is called wrinkling. It is caused when the paint applied is too thick, not allowing the first coat to dry properly before applying the second coat and uncured paint is exposed to elements like rain. An unclean surface can also contribute to wrinkling. 

To fix it like any painting services in Sydney, you need to remove the paint and clean the affected wall thoroughly. 

4. Chalking

The white powder forming on the wall is an indication that the paint used has a high level of pigment extenders. Also, over-thinning of paint and brightly coloured ones can be chalky fast. 

To remove the chalk, use trisodium phosphate and rinse with water. Make sure to get high-quality ones because cheap paints contain a high amount of pigment extender.  

What Are the Common Difficulties in Painting?

To achieve that beautiful workmanship like commercial painters, you need a certain level of skill and knowledge about the different painting techniques. 

However, for those who want to DIY rather than get painting services in Sydney, here are some common difficulties you’ll encounter:

Brush Marks

The presence of brush marks is due to inferior application techniques. You’ll notice as you glide the brush, lines are formed on the paint. The type of brush used can also create lines. Using a soft brush can lessen the marks. For latex paint, pre-wet with water.

Paint Dripping

When the paint starts dripping on the wall, it is an indication that it’s too thin. Most paints are ready to use, but a certain surface may require additional water. Poor mixing can also result in the paint being too thin. 

Rough finish

Impurities in the paint and not cleaning the wall meticulously can lead to a rough finish. Pouring the paint into another container when using a brush while sieving old paint will remove impurities. 

What Should You Not Do When Painting?

1. Taking Preparation Too Lightly

It is easy to make light of preparation when we are excited to go straight to the painting part. However, preparation is a crucial part of a painting. It will keep you from a lot of trouble later in the process. From cleaning the wall to prepping all the tools, it will make things a lot easier.

2. Rushing

Do not rush when doing your painting project. Many underestimate the time it will take to finish a wall and end up messing with it. Dedicate a whole day to your painting task and take the time to do it right if you want to have a flawless-looking wall. If you do not have the time, hire any painting services Sydney.

3. Not Using Painter’s Tape

The purpose of the tape is to make sure all edges and corners are polished and clean. It will also prevent the paint from bleeding. Not using it often leads to poor outcomes.

4. Disregarding the Weather

Always consider the weather whilst doing exterior painting. Know the humidity level as moisture affects the quality of paint. High humidity makes it harder for the paint to dry and can cause bubbles and cracks later on.

5. Skipping Primer

If you want to have a beautiful finish, do not skip the primer. Paint adheres much better with a smooth surface. It brings to light the real colour too. Nowadays, you can get a mixture of paint and primer. It is the best use on walls that have previously been painted. For raw surfaces, use the regular primer first.

How Can You Tell the Quality of a Painting?

To help you determine whether it is quality workmanship from commercial painters, look at these characteristics:

Even Coverage.

The coverage is even throughout the surface with no dripping marks. To check, observe it during daylight or use a bright artificial light.

No Gaps.

A quality painting work leaves no drywall, outlets and switch plates with gaps.

No Bleeding.

A quality paint job is when there is no bleeding on the layers. Bleeding leads to discolouration.


Good commercial painters will caulk holes, gaps and corners so moisture and leaks can be prevented.  

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

For those who want to achieve a beautifully painted wall that will last for a long time, you can either search for ‘commercial painters near me’ online or get in touch with us at Master Painters Australia. If you do the latter, you don’t have to worry about all the painting details.  Commercial painters will do it for you while you sit back and use your time for something more meaningful.

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