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The Challenges of Painting a Multi-Family Building

The first impression that visitors have of a multi-family building can become a lasting one. If your potential tenant isn’t satisfied with how it looks, you might have difficulty convincing them to rent the property. So, how do you make a positive first impression on your building exteriors?

One way to do it is by applying a fresh coat of paint on the wall’s exterior. Not only does it give your property a new look, but it can also influence your prospective tenants’ decision to rent your space.

If you want to know the basics about painting a multi-family building, this article will discuss the most common challenges in painting multi-family buildings and so much more.

Difficulties of Painting Multi-Family Buildings

Surface dirt buildup

One of the most common challenges when painting commercial exterior surfaces is the dirt that accumulates with them. Given that they’re exposed to the elements, it can’t help but trap the dirt and dust that get blown onto them.

Crumbly residue

You’ll immediately notice a chalky residue when you lean on a wall, and you get traces of chalk all over your clothes. When this happens, this only means that the paint is slowly wearing away, leaving crumbly fine powder residue. While having some chalking is pretty typical, extreme chalking could be a telltale sign of inferior paint quality. It also occurs when you use interior paint on exterior walls. You can help address the issue by washing the residue before applying a coat of exterior paint.

Paint peeling off

Peeling or flaking paint can happen, mainly when a new coat is applied over two old layers of paint. When this happens and the problem has reached the first layer, you need to scrape off the entire paint surface before applying a new paint. You also need to sand the paint surface before applying a primer to prevent it from happening. It’s also best to use a scraper to remove any loose flecks before adding a new paint coat to the surface.

Mottling deposits

Another common challenge with painting commercial multi-family buildings is salty deposits or mottling which often happens after the surface gets painted. This issue usually occurs when there’s excess moisture on the surface before applying paint. Aside from mottling issues, untreated surfaces can also affect the structure’s stability by letting the water penetrate the concrete. So, before addressing the problem, you need to locate the source of moisture before attempting to repaint the surface.

Signs Your Multi-Family Building Needs a Touch-up

Your last paint job was several years ago

Like everything else, your commercial paint can wear off over time. That’s why it’s essential to add a fresh coat every five years to maintain its look. To know how many times you need to repaint a multi-family building, you need to consider the various environmental factors in the area. For instance, if you’re in a sunny region, consider refreshing the exterior paint more often. Meanwhile, if you’re in milder climates, your exterior paint will go on for five years.

Fading color

Daily exposure to the sun and other environmental factors can also affect your exterior wall’s appearance. Although it isn’t always easy to see the changes, having a reference sample can significantly help, especially if you want to compare your property. You can take a photo of the structure when it had its latest paint job and use the image as a reference so you’ll know when to apply a fresh paint coat.

Signs of shabbiness

Paint gives more than visual aesthetics to any structure. It also adds a layer of protection against the elements. An exterior paint coat acts as a sealant for the walls, keeping out moisture from penetrating them. Adding a fresh coat of quality paint protects the surfaces from UV rays and humidity that could affect the stability of the walls. 

If the building shows any visible signs of damage, then its paint job might not be as effective as you think. So, if you notice that the paint is slowly deteriorating, it’s best to start repainting its exterior. Find professional commercial painters in your area.

It’s too dirty

An old coat of paint can appear dull and fade over time. It can even accumulate dirt, making it look old and worn out. In addition to using a pressure washer to clean the walls, a paint job can also give it a cleaner and more refreshing look.

Rebranding your business

Appearances matter when it comes to handling a business. That’s why it’s essential that your multi-family building is on-brand with your business image. Even if you’re only updating your company’s color scheme, adding a fresh coat of paint that’ll match your brand will help make it stand out from your competition.

You have an extended idle time

Repainting an entire multi-family building requires a lot of time and effort. If you have an extended downtime coming soon, you might want to consider adding a fresh coat of paint as a productive way to use your time. Hiring a master painter will make it easier to give your building a new look without disrupting your business operations.

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