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Safework NSW Inspectors Are Targeting Electrical Safety

Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, has announced that SafeWork NSW inspectors are targeting electrical safety, as part of our ongoing focus on reducing fatalities and serious injuries in the construction industry.

Since 2017, SafeWork NSW has investigated 34 contact with electricity incidents with seven of these being fatalities. 21 of these incidents were in the construction industry including 4 of the fatalities.

The highest risk areas are overhead powerlines and unsafe wiring, including temporary wiring and equipment.

Inspectors will be speaking with principal contractors, site supervisors, and health and safety representatives state-wide to ensure workers are safe when it comes to:

Inspectors will also be checking electrical workers licence/qualifications and supervision levels, and making referrals to Fair Trading where required.

What you can do

Employers and site supervisors can ensure:

For more information on electrical safety on construction sites, see:

-Electrical practices – construction and demolition fact sheet click here.

-Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, media release click here.

Also see Safework NSW or or call 13 10 50.