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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

The primary reason for laying down questions before hiring a painting contractor is to free you of frustration of poor workmanship or bad experience dealing with scammers. It is lovely to think that you want the best for your interior and exterior paint, because your property is an investment to take care of.

However, excellent painting results are not something you can DIY as well. You need to hire a professional painter

But how can you find someone that matches your expectations? Asking important questions will help you arrive at a sound decision.

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Painter?

What are the most important questions when hiring a painter? Below we list the top questions you can ask a prospective painting contractor.

1. Are You Insured?

Be ready not to be tricked as any contractor will say they are insured. Insurance covers the protection of their employees and the liability they have on your property in case of damage.

Your house painting contractor must be insured to protect you in the case of accidents that damage your home and injuries to workers while on the job. Also, make sure to check their insurance to see if it is up-to-date.

2. Do You Provide a Free Estimate?

Ask the painting company if they provide a free estimate, so you know what to expect right off the bat.

What is included in the estimate? To make sure you are able to make a fair comparison of all the bids you received, to include the following details in their estimate:

  • Prep work
  • Projected amount of paint and primer
  • Any extra supplies

It is recommended you go for an in-home estimate instead of estimates over the phone. This allows the painting company to examine more details about the project and predict any aspect that may require additional work and costs.

3. Are You Licensed?

A licence is not always required for residential or commercial painting projects in Australia. However, this requirement will vary contingent on the size of the job as well as the state or territory you live in.

A licence is proof that a painting contractor has handled certain projects. In that case, you can use past works as a reference or background check if the contractor you want to hire is trustworthy. It is for your safety to hire a veteran painter rather than with less experience.

Even when a house painter is not required to hold a licence, you should check if they have a business licence and proof of competence, such as membership in a professional association like the Master Painters Australia.

4. Who Will Be on Your Team?

If the completion of your project will take more than one day, ask if they will have the same team in your home for the duration of the job. Ask them who your main point of contact would be for the project. Would you need to call their office line or consult with an on-site project supervisor?

The importance of knowing the people who will work inside your home is related to safety of your loved ones and your belongings. Ensure that the painting company is transparent on their hiring policy.

5. Do You Have a Portfolio?

Asking the house painting company for previous works is a testimony of their experience and good record in the industry. It is better to see those credentials in person, aside from the detailed quote, especially if they have a showroom you can visit. It would manifest what they have been doing for the past years and who their clients were.

6. What Brand of Paint Will You Use?

It is crucial to know the type of paint they will use. Paint quality differs on brand and price. Also, painters know what kind of paint coat they need to apply on certain areas. Having awareness on those things will make you feel at ease that what you’re getting is of quality and doesn’t leave your home or building poorly painted after just a few months. The price difference in coats will have an impact on their longevity and lustre.

7. How Can You Protect My Home?

Besides protecting your family, you will also want to know if the painting contractor will take safety precautions to protect your property and furnishings while the project progresses. Ask whether they will move some furniture or do heavy lifting, removing some parts in the walls, ceiling or roof and how they plan to bring them back as is.

Reputable house painting companies have a method for caring for your home and ensuring your property is protected.

8. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Similar to protecting your home, warranties will warrant that your belongings will be under care when the painting team begins to move things or remove walls and roof implements. A warranty will also ensure if in case of poor workmanship and something is left untreated or there’s a sign of incomplete job, they will go back and complete it as part of their professional commitment.

9. What Is Included in the Quote?

The quote should be a detailed list of items. It must include the scope of the house painting project, number of paints to use, the brand of paint, cost of materials, area to be painted, whether interior or exterior, estimation completion and other details like painting contractor’s company details and project duration. It may also include terms and conditions.

So, a quote, though not a contract, is still a written document presented to the customer. Everything written in black and white is essential to the progress of every business.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

Choose the right painting company or professional painter to ensure a successful home improvement project. Ask in-depth questions and examine your options prior to making the final decision. 

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