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Paint Trends 2022: The Colours You Need for Wonder Walls

Painting your walls is an excellent way to give it an entirely new look. Although wallpaper is also a great alternative, it can be expensive and difficult to install. Even more, it can potentially damage your walls once you decide to remove it.

Wall painting provides a way to achieve modern design effects in any space. But before you hire painters in Sydney and transform your living space with painting, do you know what colour to use? It’s important as colours can either make your home look dated or up-to-date. 

The thing is, paint colour trends change every year. 

Do you know which colours have been predicted to become a big hit this year? If you’re not up to date on what’s in for 2022, here are the top paint trends you need to know. 

What Are the Top Decorating Colours for 2022?

Neutral hues

Many painters in Sydney would say that those neutral shades are the overall theme for the entire year, with interior palettes showcasing the homeowner’s need for simplicity and warmth. A few of the most favourite shades are hard, cold greys.

Neutral shades paired with subtle tactile surfaces often imbibe a relaxing feeling, inviting anyone who looks at it to slow down. Other neutral colours you may want to consider are rice drop, stow white and driftwood.

A touch of nature

These are colour tones that you typically see outdoors and often resemble the natural colours in nature. These hues often provide a unique nostalgia that you can feel whenever you’re outside, bringing the earthy neutrals and raw tones of clay and rich forest green to the indoor.

Most nature-inspired colour paints consist of green-infused colours, stone elements and textured walls. Other colours you can try are Shelter Cove, Colorbond Mangrove and Billy, the Kid from Wattyl, as well as Olive Grove, Highlands Grey and Red Ochre from Porter’s Paints.

Plush and opulent

Meanwhile, choosing colours with bold contrast is the best way to go for people who want to have a spark of inspiration and rekindle their love for wonder and adventure.

You can also layer your interiors with striking colours to express your individuality and quirky style. Mix it with silk and natural leather paired with a few of your vintage pieces to give it a unique look. 

A few of the colours you can try out are the Lavish Tan and Excalibur colour palettes from Wattyl. You can also try out Murray Red, Benang and Gold Vintage from Dulux.

A dash of colour

There’s no denying that almost everyone is excited to welcome the new year with a sense of new hope. Some may seem ready to welcome fun and passion back into their lives by using bright and lively colours in their living spaces.

Imagine lilac, lemon and rose gold in any of your rooms. These splashes of colours can create a dreamy picturesque reminiscent of your carefree days. A few of the colours that you can consider to achieve this look are Yellow Sun and Osiris from Wattyl and Rock Salt and Rousillon from Porter’s Paint. You can also try out Edvard, Harmonious, and Sandpaper from Dulux.

Chocolate-inspired walls

Similar to rich-brown cocoa, a mid-brown toupe adds a touch of striking colour to any room. Depending on the furniture that you have or the accent colour inside the room, a mid-brown toupe can look neat and tailored but still add a touch of warmth and sophistication to the space.

Some local painters and decorators label it as a timeless neutral that goes back to historic places. Any chocolate-inspired wall definitely creates warm backgrounds for every space. 

When choosing such a neutral shade, you also have the liberty to be playful with the pieces of furniture you would like to add. You can even add a few splashes of colours to the fabrics to make them more interesting.

Ocean splashes

Instantly revitalizing, ocean hues offer their viewers a form of mental escape from the busy schedule of their everyday lives. They are reminiscent of the tropical skies and oceans with their lively colours even on a cloudy day. 

Ocean hues are quite versatile. You can either choose to subdue them with flat matte colour or intensify them with a gloss finish. You can even pair these hues with white furniture pieces for crisp simplicity or choose darker hues to create more drama.

Energising touch of yellow

Yellow is a colour that evokes positivity and happiness. It’s ideal for rooms that you use for various activities and socialising, such as the kitchen or entertainment room. Many painters in Sydney would also agree that this colour fits the study room or dining area where people usually gather.

To make your space appear warmer and more inviting, local painters and decorators would ask you to choose paints that resemble an earthy tobacco shade. A more golden hue is an excellent option if you feel slightly put off by brighter yellow paint. Such a hue is more effective in darker spaces without dampening the warm emotion that the colour brings.

Earthy brown interiors

Other paint trends you can consider are dark neutrals with earthy brown hues. This colour trend is excellent for rooms where you want to feel grounded. While it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space, it’s also quite versatile and allows other hues to stand proud without creating any colour clashes.

You can consider painting your north-facing rooms with earthly brown hues to make them appear more sheltering and those on the southern side with lighter colours to make them brighter. Adding a more nude yet dark colour creates a secluded feeling as if you’re inside a warm and sheltered space.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

These are only a few of the things you need to consider when following the latest paint trends. If you want to guarantee an excellent output, then consider working with a master painter and decorator. You can find them at Master Painters Australia.

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