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Need Painting Services? Hire Professional Commercial Painters!

Are you looking for the best commercial painters in Sydney? You can either search ‘painting services near me’ or ask friends for interior painters in Sydney.

Painting or repainting is part of maintaining a residential or commercial structure. An excellent paint job can give your building a dramatic facelift. However, with so many painting companies in Sydney claiming to be top-rated, trusted and the best, property owners might be confused about which company to hire.

Here, we share essential tips to help you narrow down your search for the best commercial painters for your next project.

How Do You Find a Good Painter? 

A painting project is a considerable investment and not something you do yearly. Hiring professional commercial painters ensures you get an excellent paint job for your building. But what should you look for in a painting contractor? 

1. Reputation and Qualifications

Painters undergo apprenticeship and other training skills for them to qualify as professional painters. Why would you hire someone who has just started in the industry of commercial painting? Like a fledging bird, a newbie painter wouldn’t have the same expertise as those with qualifications. That’s why we have entities like us at Master Painters Australia that provides a list of skilled and honed painters.

Regardless of your painting project’s size, hiring commercial painters who have good standing and qualifications must be your top priority. Ideally, a professionally done painting utilising high-quality brands can last for many years.

2. Extensive Experience

To determine if you are dealing with a contractor with sufficient experience, ask about the previous projects they have completed. An experienced painting contractor has a solid portfolio to present. It is critical that you deal with an experienced painter and decorator who can help you select the best colours, shades, paint styles and brands for your property.

3. Warranty

An excellent paint job can last for many years. If you are dealing with a reputable and experienced professional painting company, they must back their work with a warranty. You should also confirm if they provide after-sales support should you need assistance after the completion of the project.

4. Specialisations 

Not all painters will know how to handle every type of painting project. When it comes to specialisations, there are many painting categories to consider, such as the following: residential, commercial, industrial, interior, exterior, wall, roof painting and mural. You must hire a company specialising in painting commercial structures like yours.

5. Credibility and Accreditation

Get painting services only from reputable contractors. Commercial painters with accreditation or membership from expert painter entities like Master Painters Australia are the ones fitted to do quality jobs. Accreditation is important as it gauges how a contractor meets the quality standards set by an institution or organisation.

6. Past Works

A trustworthy commercial painter must have an extensive portfolio of past works. They must also have examples of recently completed work on their website or social media so you have a reference. Photos of past works can also help but it is better to visit their on-site office to see for yourself what kind of contractor you are dealing with.

What Is Professional Painting? 

Besides aesthetics, paint is your home or building’s first line of defence against harsh elements like weather and sun. Hence, professional painters know what to use and what techniques to implement to meet the standards of an excellent commercial painting.

Professional painting goes beyond using the best paint bucket there is. It goes far more than sophisticated colours, perfect blend and lasting finish that doesn’t corrupt before its life span. The outputs of professional painting are due to excellent blend of techniques and application.

Though professional and commercial painting requires a certain investment by hiring and paying tradespeople in the known industry, the exchange of results and the quality of work are exemplary.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

It is useful to hire house painters who are licensed, so you should not have to worry if there will be problems that will arise during the painting project. More than that, it will be more convenient if you sourced them from Masters Painters Australia.

We, at Master’s Painters Australia, represent the interests of painting and decorating contractors across Australia. When you enquire with us for a list of professional painters in Sydney who work professionally, you can ensure that the one you hire has his certificate and license to undertake a commercial painting job. 

Get a certified master painter, protect your property and ensure that you have a workmanship with a brand behind you.

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