Master Painters Australia

Member Benefits

The MPA represents the interests of painters and decorators throughout New South Wales – to customers, government, suppliers and the general community. It’s approached regularly by consumers across NSW who are seeking qualified and reliable contractors.

Becoming a member of MPA NSW affords you access to marketing opportunities, training courses, industry advice, specialist services, sponsor information and product, and a wide range of savings for your business and you personally. Whether you’re a school leaver looking to become qualified or a professional of some years, MPA is a partner you’ll only benefit from having.


Awards for Excellence

The Awards for Excellence is the industry’s night of nights, an opportunity for painters to showcase their talents from a small decorative wall to multi-storey projects. The Awards are open to members and non-members, and a great way of promoting your business.

Member BBQs, Seminars and Information Sessions

Master Painters hosts a variety of bbq’s, seminars and information sessions throughout the year with a wide range of topics to suit Members’ business interests.


Your Master Painters Membership Card entitles you to access the benefits of the Ambassador Card Programme, which offers savings on accommodation, entertainment and travel, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and attractions Australia wide.

Contact MPA on (02) 9758 8877


New Vehicle Discount

Need a new motor vehicle? MPA Members enjoy major discounts with National Fleet Discounts. Save thousands of dollars on your next new vehicle purchase.

Special Offers from Volkswagen and Skoda

After three months with the Association, Master Painters Members are entitled to a discount of up to 10% off the RRP of Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles. See your local dealer for further details.

NEW MEMBER BENEFIT - Debt Recovery Service

Master Painters is pleased to announce our new partnership with Turnbull Bowles Lawyers.

Turnbull Bowles Lawyers have provided an exclusive offer to MPA Members in regards to debt recovery related matters. This offer includes:

Their aim is to provide no nonsense, plain English legal advice to Members of MPA, coupled with practical, commercial advice to deal with the kind of queries and disputes which Members are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

For further details about this service, please contact MPA or contact Turnbull Bowles Lawyers directly.