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By using your membership to its full potential you will more than save your annual fee, and more importantly, you will be recognised as an industry professional.

Being a member of the Master Painters Australia NSW is more than just being part of any Association; it is a place where you are represented and assisted when you need that support, as well as a place where you can meet and socialise with others in your chosen profession.

The tangible benefits of being a member of the MPA materalise in the form of more profitable work, leading to increased business success and profitability.

The MPA is dedicated to educating the public that engaging an MPA member is a sure way of getting a fair deal. The message is a powerful one based strongly on a ‘quality’ ethic.

Our annual membership fee covers an impressive range of benefits and services. Members of Master Painters Australia can build security and growth into their businesses with the support of a professional organisation that knows the industry inside and out. It’s like having a full management team behind you without the cost.

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Benefits of Becoming a MPA Member

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