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How to Tell if You’re Dealing With a Professional Painter?

After careful planning and researching, you’re ready to give your home a total makeover. You’ve got a full visual sense of what the space will look like, but you don’t have the skills or means to join it all together and make it a reality. So, this is where great interior painters & decorators come into play. However, what defines a great painter or decorator? 

Well, each one of us has a different take on what’s good and bad, but the best painters & decorators are professional. Besides, it’s the quality we will be paying for. Here are the things you should know on how to spot professional painters or decorators.  

1. They Look the Part

Great decorators always aim to be as professional as possible – from dressing appropriately in a company uniform to having a good website that provides valuable information and not just simply an advertisement. When looking at their website images, make sure these are jobs they actually did themselves for their clients. 

When these decorators work, they make sure to work methodically and clean everything as they go. A good painter will ALWAYS do a great job the first time.  

2.  They Can Prove Themselves as Professionals

Anyone can easily pretend they are professional painters and decorators, yet the real ones will go above and beyond to prove that. Make it a habit to read reviews from previous clients and check what they say about them. Make sure these are authentic reviews. Also, be cautious when choosing painting and decorating services online, especially from social media platforms. 

3. They Can Provide You With a Written Estimate

Competent painters & decorators provide an estimate in writing with no pressure or sales talk involved to get the work done. They’ll type up the fixed price quotes and email it to you as what professionals should do. 

4. They Are Focused on the Bigger Picture

Painting & Decorating is about understanding what the goal or problem is, analysing different solutions and filtering the options to get the most suitable approach. A good residential painter or decorator can balance the detail and, at the same time, keep their eyes on the bigger picture. 

Professional residential painters or decorators are also capable of merging ideas into unity. Sometimes, they set your concepts aside and check what is really good for the entire home (because there are clients who ask for the wrong thing, inadvertently.)  

Excellence is a sequence of things executed perfectly well. Therefore, both contractors and clients need to work together and focus on the master plan. Doing so guarantees a harmonious process and that your goals are met.

5. They Are Empathetic 

Professional painters & decorators search for possibilities that relate to clients’ spaces. They are empathetic and often think how a space in your home makes you feel. 

6. They Will Consider a Good Lighting 

Ambiance and functionality are vital aspects that good decorators need to get right. The floor coverings, fabrics, lighting and furniture are tools that they use to achieve that. A good decorator will check your personal space, figuring out not only what you think, but also what you need. 

For decorators, having different sources of lights, ceiling lights and low-level lighting paired with various dimmers and switches is essential to the entire decorating process. They consider how these aspects can affect the mood of someone who will enter the space they are working on.

7. They Are Transparent  

If you haven’t done any research or haven’t looked into painting and decorating services, there’s a chance for you to get caught in a nasty fall. Worse, you’ll end up getting a poor-quality house painting job, utilising inferior products or materials and not doing any preparation. 

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