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How to Choose the Best Painter and Decorator

Painting and decorating play a crucial role in enhancing the interior and exterior of your house. Why? Because house or office painting isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Obviously, you want to hire a professional painter and decorator that will get the job done impeccably.  

If you’re looking for a potential painting service, keep in mind that painters and decorators in Sydney are required to be licensed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. So, when hiring either a decorator or a painter, make sure to check their licence proof. 

Here are other helpful tips on selecting the best painter/decorator for your painting task.

How Do I Find a Good Painter and Decorator?

You can find local painters and decorators near you. It is easy to look for one in any listings if you wish to. However, not all of them are good. It takes meticulous selection to find a contractor that truly befits the qualifications.

The key to finding the suitable painter and decorator or a reputable painting service in Sydney is by asking the right questions.

What questions should you ask in order to find certain qualities for painters with excellent service?

Read on.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Painter and Decorator

When hiring a painter and decorator, these are some of the ideal questions to ask. 

Do You Have a Free Estimate?

When you contact the painting services in Sydney, make sure to ask this question first so you’ll know what to expect from the start. Anything vague on the calculation should be cleared from the very start.

Who Will Be on the Team?

Ask the company if you will have the same crew for the project if it will take more than a single day to complete. Knowing the members of the team is crucial to your daily communication with them. Also, ask them whether a company representative will be on the project in case they use subcontractors. 

May I Know Your Credentials?

Asking for their insurance information and other credentials is a must. This way you won’t be responsible for any accident that may occur within your property. 

What Materials Are You Using?

Ask them what materials and paint brands they are going to use. It’s best to use paint brands that are of highest quality and that you can afford. Using top quality paint brands also ensures a superb outcome and you don’t have to repaint in a year or more. 

What Painting Preparation Do You Perform?

Details on painting preparation will give heads up on the submitted estimate. If in case you have home furniture that needs to be moved or covered, ask who is in charge of the process. 

Can I See Some References?

Previous clients will serve as a strong reference for your future painting contractor. You can also request to see their portfolio. 

Websites of painting service companies may not be up to date often, yet for sure they have documentation of their previous work in formats that they can share with you.  

Do You Have a Warranty for Workmanship?

Trusted and well-respected painting companies always make a backup of their work. Most of them provide a manufacturer and workmanship warranties. That’s why after you’ve chosen your painting contractor, make sure to get the warranty on paper. 

How Do I Find the Right Painting Contractor?

Having asked the right questions could lead you to your perfect choice. However, there are other painting contractors who claim to be reputable and qualified, but if there is still lacking information, it is normal to search for more.

So, here are additional steps to do when hiring the right painting contractor.

1. Always Choose a Specialist

There is a massive difference between hiring a general handyman and a pro. Specialists know their way well as to what layer needs to go and the stability when applied. It’s all about clarity and foundation. 

2. Get a Detailed Quote

Don’t forget to get detailed quotes from every painter or decorator in Sydney you’re considering. Ask for a breakdown of everything. 

The quote should highlight any extra expenses, such as the moving process, renting of scaffolding, disposing of waste or covering of furniture. It’s also essential that the craftsperson puts emphasis on their charging structure through writing—do they have a fixed price for the job, or do they charge hourly per day? Do they ask for upfront payment? Check everything before engaging into a contract.

3. Ask for the Job’s Time Frame

You’ll get to know a painter or decorator’s level of expertise if they can tell you how long they can finish the job. If what you hired is just a typical handyman or a con, they could only give you a questionable timeline. If they can’t tell exactly, it means you’ll end up paying more for extended days.

 4. Hire the One with Extensive Experience

Professional decorators and painters perform on a plethora of projects. When hiring someone, make sure they have recent experience of your job type. Their recent outputs will show what kind of work they do.

Finding a Master Painter in Australia

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