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If you're planning a painting project, why risk having a mediocre or bad paint colour scheme?

Whilst you may spend several thousand dollars having the painting done and the workmanship may be great, it’s the colour scheme that will have the most impact and add thousands to your property. So it makes sense to invest some money hiring a colour professional, like a colour consultant, to ensure you get the best outcome.

The colour of your walls is the foundation of any makeover, whether it is for the inside or exterior, so you want it to be perfect. Don’t expect your painter to do the colour selection – his forte is his workmanship, preparing the surfaces and applying the paint!

It's surprisingly easy and affordable to get expert colour consultancy advice

A qualified, fully professional colour consultants will come to your home and help you choose the ideal paint colours that will fit with your personal style and taste. If you are building a new home, colour consultants are skilled at working off-the-plan to select appropriate colours and finishes.

Expect the process to take at least a few hours so you get a personalised colour scheme, together with the colour placement details as well as the best type of finishes, so you can just hand the paperwork over to the painter. Don’t call in the colour consultant just when the painter wants to start work. It is always good to spend some time looking at the swatches the colour consultant provides after your consultation, just to be sure you’re happy with the colours selected.

Colour consultants mostly charge between $100-$180/hour depending on how experienced they are, usually with a minimum charge, while others will work on a flat-fee basis.

Whether you know what you want and need help to bring it to life, or have no idea what you want, a colour consultant will work with your ideas and use their expert knowledge of colour to create a look you’ll love and ensure you avoid costly mistakes – highly likely when you try to DIY!

Working with a colour consultant takes the guesswork out of colour selection

With thousands of colours, whites and neutrals to choose from, it’s no wonder selecting colours causes anxiety. You’ve probably taken several trips to the paint stores and collected a range of paint chips and, quite possibly, you’ve purchased several sample pots and painted patches on the walls too, only to find you are even more confused. It’s time you called in an expert!

Working with a colour consultant takes the risk out of colour selection. They are able to visualise how the colours will look throughout and the flow, something which is difficult for the average person just looking at small paint chips. By asking all the right questions and listening to your ideas, a colour consultant will provide you with personalized, expert colour advice to suit the architecture of your house, harmonise with your furnishings, enhance your living space and add that special designer pizazz.

Colour professionals have extensive knowledge of the wide variety of paint products available and have many more colours to select from than what is available in the paint chip displays in the paint shops. That means they are able to refine the colours and tones to find the perfect colour matches for your project.

Colour consultants have extensive experience combining a variety of colours and tones, matching colours with furnishings, finishes and flooring, and together with their knowledge of the latest and future trends, will ensure your colour scheme will look fabulous for years to come. Their fee is small compared to the total cost of your project and by getting it right the first time you will avoid potential costly mistakes.

To ensure your painting project is a success, contact the Master Painters for one of our recommended colour consultants today.

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