Master Painters Australia

Consumer FAQ's & Tips

The painter must be licensed and preferably use a painter that is a member of the Master Painters Association. Always confirm the license details.

Generally variations of quotes occur for two main reasons.

Firstly it is dependent on the understanding of the work required (i.e. the scope of works) and secondly each painter has a different methodology and standards of practice.

A contract should be normal practice.

Contracts generate a clearer understanding of the terms and conditions of your agreement/s.

Compile a written list of the items. Discuss them with the painter providing opportunity for consideration and completion. Following this if there has been no agreeable action then contact the Master Painters Association.

There are a variety of suitable and quality paints on the market. Try to stay with leading brand paints and at least try to differentiate between exterior and interior paints.

Time frames for repainting are highly dependent on the associated environment.

As a safe guard for exterior surfaces repainting should be in the order of 5 – 7 years.

Post painting maintenance should entail regular removal of dust and alkaline with a damp cloth. Broader exterior surfaces may require light pressure washing.

Presence of hazardous substances such as lead paint and asbestos.

Depending on the era of the building there may be materials present that contain these hazardous substances and should be assessed for their risk.

Other things to consider include general safety such as access, working at heights, power tools and in-situ electrical wiring.