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Entries Close Friday 6th August 2021

Award Polices and Judging Criteria

Entry Instructions

Recognition of Excellence in the Use of Colour

This award recognises excellence in the use of colour by a NSW or ACT resident who is a Painter and Decorator, Colour Designer, Colour Consultant, Interior Designer or Interior Decorators. Judged via a presentation of a minimum of 3 project photos. The project description should provide the judges with a project rationale on the colours chosen, products used and distinguishing features. Projects can be interior and/or exterior residential or commercial colour schemes. There are no limitations on the type of project or contract value with this category. There will be a maximum of 5 entries. Key areas to be examined include:

Entrant Details

Please complete your details

    Project Address Details

    Fill in the project address details, complete a separate form for each project address entry.

    The contact details entered here must be the Clients contact details as they will be contacted to verify they have provided permission. Do not put your email or mobile number in the owners details fields.

    IMPORTANT: In the event that you have ticked the Owners Permission Box below with Yes and the owner then refuses to allow a judge to inspect, there will be no refunds available.

    Project Description

    Number and rename files with site address eg. 4-cromwell-street-riverwood-photo1.jpg

    No less than three (3), no more than five (5) digital photographs. (If possible, include at least one set of before and after photos).

    Photos MUST be high resolution.

    Photos MUST be labelled with the project address and a photo number eg. 42 Primrose Ave Hunters Hill Photo1.jpeg rather than 80498488557648.jpg