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Colour Consultant: What Is It and How to Become One


Colour gives life to any space. It can evoke feelings and emotions and set the tone for your room. 

Colour and design consultants help homeowners and businesses choose the right colour palette for their space. They will consider the type of atmosphere you want to create, the amount of natural light in the room and consider other factors to help you make the best choices.

Their in-depth knowledge of colour theory and its application to interior design sets colour and design consultants apart from painters and decorators. Whilst painters and decorators are true experts in the application of paint, colour consultants are experts in the use of colour, patterns and schemes.

What Does a Colour and Design Consultant Do?

Consultants always assess a client’s needs before making any recommendations. They’ll consider a client’s budget, the function of the space, and the desired atmosphere to be created. Once these factors have been determined, the colour and design consultant will work with the client by making suggestions along the way.

The colour and design consultant may start by presenting a few colours options to the client. These could include different tones of the same colour or completely different colours. Clients and consultants typically work together to select colours for walls, fabrics for furnishings, and other decorative items as well.

Colour and design consultants can help choose furniture, window treatments and other decorative elements for a space. This always depends on the project’s scope, a client’s preferences, and budget.

How to Become a Colour and Design Consultant

There are various pathways to become a colour and design consultant although all include the successful completion of creative colour theory and design courses offered by universities, public and private colleges, or studying online. 

Most colour and design consultants have a background in interior design, architecture or other creative fields. Some consultants start their careers as painters or decorators and further develop their skills by taking courses in colour theory and design. 

· Working with Other Professionals

Joining associations can help you in so many ways. For one, it can help build your credibility as a colour and design consultant. These associations may offer resources, support and networking opportunities that help to progress your career.

· Degree and Credentials

Pursuing a degree or credential in interior design, architecture or another creative field can be beneficial if you want to become a colour and design consultant.

· Experience Matters

When it comes to becoming a colour consultant, experience is key. Knowledge can help you build your portfolio, hone your skills and develop a good reputation. You may want to consider working as an intern or assistant before starting your own business. 

· Continuing Education

As with any field, keeping up with the latest trends and developments is essential. Colour schemes and trends are constantly changing, so staying up-to-date on the latest news and information is important. You can do this by taking courses, attending workshops or reading industry publications.

· Client Index

Creating a client index can help you keep track of your projects and progress. This can be an excellent way to demonstrate to potential clients your experience and work to date.

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