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This is an electronic form, click on the grey areas and enter the text or date or click on the box if you want to select it. Print out the page you have to sign scan or photo it and email back.

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You will also need to email to MPGTC a copy of the current insurance policy.



Address Details



On behalf of Master Painters Group Training Company MPGTC we would like to thank you for having an apprentice. We value your expertise and dedication to the industry.

Apprentices are a good way of training new workers to suit your business requirements. Government requirements to have an apprentice require additional information.


If YES, a NSW Working with Children Check is required.

Apprentice Hours

Under the Building and Construction on-site Award 2010 an apprentice works a 38 hour week.

Under the Award if your business wants the apprentice to work a 40 hour week then you must choose one of two options: either pay the 2 hours as overtime or have the 2 hours accrue over a month and the apprentice takes 1 Rostered Day Off (RDO) each month. The RDO when taken is not charged to you.


*If an apprentice works a 40 hour week then either select 1 RDO or payment as overtime

Apprentice Wages and Host Trainer Invoicing

Apprentices are paid by MPGTC weekly (their timesheets are signed each week by the host trainer and sent to MPGTC) they are paid every Wednesday for the previous week (Pay period Monday to Sunday).

When the Apprentice is paid, the Host Trainer is invoiced for the wages and on-costs, this invoice is directly debited the following week from the company’s credit card.

Credit Card Details


Visacard and Mastercards are the only credit cards accepted by MPGTC.
I agree to have the payments using direct debit or by credit/debit card as per conditions stated in this agreement.

Timesheet Approval Details

Timesheets are electronic and are created by the apprentice and sent to the person or persons who would be able to approve the timesheet. It can be more than one person as long as someone approves it. They also must have a separate email address and contact phone number.





Email address


Phone number


Timesheet approval


Invoice to be sent to





Email Address


Phone number


Timesheet approval

Host Trainer Billing Details

The invoice per week is the total amount paid for the apprentice it includes everything (wages and on costs) to help you with your budgeting. All the super, holidays leave loading and administration time etc are included in the cost and are detailed below.


Ordinary hours Client Rate is made up of the following:

  • Award Wage
  • Super (9.5%)
  • Annual Leave
  • Annual Leave loading (17.5%)

The Annual leave and the loading of 17.5% is included into the weekly rate so that there is NO CHARGE TO THE CLIENT when the annual leave taken – i.e the Annual leave is 4 weeks per year therefore the Annual leave and the Annual Leave loading (17.5%) is spread evenly over the remaining 48 weeks of the year to cover this.) Annual leave is paid by MPGTC


The RDO accrual is included into the weekly rate so that there is NO CHARGE TO THE CLIENT when the RDO is taken. RDO’s are paid by MPGTC


A day at TAFE is part of the Award and is charged as a day at work – this is because they are upskilling and are of greater benefit to you.


PUBLIC HOLIDAY Leave (9 per year in NSW) is included into the weekly rate so that there is NO CHARGE TO THE CLIENT when these are taken. MPGTC pays all public holiday leave.


  • MPGTC (Administration charge – made up of Administrative costs such as Staff salaries, Workers Compensation, Office expenditures, Pre-apprentice training costs, Advertising and Recruitment, TAFE fees, Banking charges, Payroll System Software costs, Auditing fees, Vehicle costs, Government Licencing fees, Wet Days (up to 4 per calendar month) and Apprentice Sick Leave).
    These costs are reviewed each financial year and MPGTC endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum so that any benefits are passed on to the Host Trainer.
  • GST (Government requirement)
  • The Daily Fare Allowance is an item under the Award and is on the invoice.

Additional Infomation