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An apprenticeship offers you an opportunity to learn new skills and earn an income while undertaking a qualification.

Through our Group Training Company, MPGTC RTO 90464, we help you find a Host Trainer to complete your training.

We provide advice and support to you during your apprenticeship. 

Details and information will be provided to you during the interview process.

Prior to being accepted as an apprentice, we will go through with you on the requirements of the apprenticeship and the training contract.  You will also be advised of the support mechanisms in place provided by MPGTC, Apprenticeship Australia, TAFE, Host Trainer and NSW Department of Industry –Training Services NSW. 

New apprentices to the industry are given pre-apprentice training.  Apprentices are made aware of the requirements of the training and they are assessed through our pre-apprenticeship program. Our pre-apprentice training also highlights any support that is needed by you.

We select Host Trainers that are professional, skilled and have the ability to train apprentices. Our Host Trainers are at a level where they can provide the apprentices with all the skills they need to complete their training contracts.

INTERESTED IN BECOMING AN APPRENTICE?  Contact us on 02 9758 8877 OR please see below to complete the relevant form.

Already Completed the Enrollment Form Part A and have done a Pre-Apprentice Course with MGPTC:

Have a Painting Experience, or have been an Apprentice before or with another GTO: