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All You Need To Know About Painting Apprenticeships

Do you like painting your room and house and want to make it your career?

Well, let’s help you to become a complete professional in painting. Painting is more than a hobby and a passion for some people. Many people go a step ahead and think of making it their career as well. However, there are some things one needs to think about and follow to become a painter.

You might have many questions. How do apprenticeships work? How long is a painting apprenticeship? What will you be taught during the apprenticeship?

How Do Apprenticeships Work?

An apprenticeship is a training program for learning a trade skill. Apprenticeships are a great way of learning practical painting skills required in the industry whilst earning. 

When you approach Master Painters Australia, you will be guided through the requirements of becoming an apprentice, depending on your experience. Through our Group Training Company (MPGTC Pty Ltd), you can find trainers with whom you will complete your apprenticeship. 

Usually, there are two types of applicants for apprenticeships : the ones who have been apprentices earlier and the new apprentices. 

● New Apprentices

Applicants who do not have any previous experience in painting apprenticeships are considered new apprentices. When you apply for an apprenticeship as a new apprentice, you are given pre-apprentice training. This is to inform you about everything you must do and know. This is just an overview of what you are expected to do as apprentices and what you will be able to learn. This training also makes you aware of the support that you will be given throughout your apprenticeships. 

● Experienced Apprentices

The apprentices who have already been through the process once need not go through the pre-apprentice training. They can apply directly for apprenticeships and start their training. 

What Does An Apprentice Do?

The apprentices are trained for every aspect of the job. An apprenticeship is usually 4 years. You are first guided through all these tasks whilst you observe your trainer. After this, you are given certain tasks to perform, and you will receive feedback on these from your trainer.

Here are the tasks that you will learn:

● Prepare surfaces

During your apprenticeship, you will be taught how to prepare different surfaces and make them smooth and easy to paint. This process usually involves smoothening the surfaces so that the paint sits perfectly and there is no peeling or cracking. 

● Identify materials

Paints come in different types, colours and textures. Depending on what your client expects, you will need to find the right paint. You will learn to consider the characteristics of a certain type of paint, its colour and whether it suits the client’s needs.

● Maintain equipment

Maintaining brushes, paint trays, rollers, paint guns, etc. is also important since dried paint can cause damage to this equipment. Hence, cleaning them with thinners and getting the paint off of them is also a part of your job.

● Follow trainer directions

Always follow all the instructions given by your trainer. Following instructions carefully avoids mistakes. 

Perks Of An Apprenticeship With Master Painters Australia

Before people go on to start working independently, many like to begin with apprenticeships to get a better experience of the tasks involved.

Proper guidance is essential during these apprenticeships to equip you with the appropriate and relevant skills. Especially if you are dedicated to learning new things and want to make the most out of your apprenticeship, you need to choose the right mentors like the ones at Master Painters Australia. Not only do you get trusted guidance, you can also find a job in the painting industry afterwards.

Here are a few benefits of getting trained with us:

  • Getting an apprenticeship with Master Painters Australia will not only equip you with the necessary skills but also gain you the TAFE qualification, the certificate required to become a tradesperson in the industry. 
  • You will earn money whilst still learning to master your craft.
  • You will have complete guidance from qualified trainers who are experts themselves.
  • During the course of your training, you will be guided and given the necessary support by the MPGTC apprentice manager.
  • You get practical experience which equips you better for the industry.

Master Painters Australia: Helping Painters and Decorators Across NSW and ACT

Painting apprenticeships are a great way to start your career as a painter and decorator. From handling clients to mastering the technical side of the painting process, you will gain first-hand experience. 

To know more about how to apply, contact us at Master Painters Australia and get started today!